Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hillary…, Ok, it's you then.  Wish it wasn’t so, but ok.  So no one of us (on the political scale that includes liberals, democrats, progressives, and socialists) wants to see DT. In the White House.  You got the nod and we have to go with you now.  (By nod I mean…,) never mind.  So now you have to show the country how you would be better than DT.  That shouldn’t be difficult, except that no one really likes the politics you play.  So a suggestion…, maybe instead of just telling us what you will do to keep the course, how about telling us how you will do something besides the bidding of Wall Street.  That would be refreshing, and politically intelligent.  You have to know you would have lost to the B man without the expediencies of the status quo.  You have to see the writing on the wall.  Come on…, dig deep…, and pull out that good old proletariat hanky and make America work for the 99 again. 

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