Wednesday, July 27, 2016

An open letter to my Trolls:  

I know you think you have superior knowledge, experiences, insights, and sensibilities…, and I applaud you for that.  That is why I am assuming you have your own Facebook pages and other outlets to express all your valued nuggets of wisdom.  I don’t mind that you put your thoughts and opinions out there.  I don’t even mind if you comment on my page.  I like dialogue and commentary.  I am writing this note to clear up a few things you seem to be implying.  For starters, no I am not misled by the corporate Media and brainwashed.  If you will notice from my posts, which you seem to be reading, I frequently mention my favorite media source (Democracy Now) which is not corporate at all.  We give them money during fund drives on the radio to help support them.  I consider myself to be pretty well adept at discerning real news from propaganda whether it be from the govt. or corporate media.  I have my own head on my shoulders and think for myself.  Thank you very much for your concern though.  Next, no I am not ridiculous.  You may think so.  And that is your right.  And it doesn’t bother me that you do.  I, frankly, think you and al lot of people are ridiculous too.  We all share that in common.  I am not ignorant, or misinformed, or lacking in experiences or naïve, just because we disagree.  I accept that we all see things very differently (gold dress with blue stripes v. blue dress with gold stripes).  Oh and about all the attempts to inform me of the shortcomings and foibles, inconsistencies and contradictions inherent in the subject of the politics I may discuss, I think we can all avoid that silly game.  It is silly because for every knock you dish out there is an equal knock to be got on the other side.  Politics is not, never has been a realm of purities.  So stay engaged, be passionate, but have some respect and couth.  Thanks.   

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