Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ok, enough, enough…, we all know the two candidates are both corrupt and jacked up as hell….  We all know the government we idealize as “for the people” is really for the rich and powerful people.  This is, and has been, self-evident.  No one should be waking up these days and saying “OMG politics is corrupt”.  I mean, if that is the case…, wow. Really?  The fact is, we have a jacked up system.  A plutocracy.  Oligarchy.  Hypocrisy.  Yea it’s a mess.  Try being a borderline conspiracy theorist for some forty odd years.  I don’t need to hear your, “well- did you know the political system is -------” yea, actually, I did.  And probably a long time before you.  There is a good quote I want to attribute but I can’t presently find the source.  It says:  “America was created by the well bread, the well-read, and the well fed” Maybe that Is Howard Zinn’s (a people’s history of America).  Fair has never really been fair.  Justice has never been doled out by some ombudsman purist. That is not real.  What is real is that special interests compete to effect policy and the more powerful the special interest is, the more the policy is reflected.  “That’s just the way it is, some things will never change…” So, if you really want to see politics become what you idealize, you have to embrace being a special interest.  You, “WE”, (the people) have to circumvent the politics of money and greed and become the politics of health, wellbeing, the environment, tolerance, peace and diversity.   No Biggy.  Just vote.  Europe did it to get health care and paid maturity leave and awesome work rules.  Look at who is running, make a list of issues you want to see manifest, see which one is “closest” to you, and vote.  It is a percentage thing.  A long game thing.  An incremental change thing.  If you doubt it can work for you and your progressive values, look at how well the conservative, evangelical, and right to life folks have done.  They voted.  Often.  For the little seats in small government.  That is why Kansas is whacked.  Progressive values can dominate just as effectively as fundagelical conservatism, we just have to show up, at all the elections, not just the headliners, and vote for the people that we have more in agreement with than the other.  It is evolutionary.  Revolutionary. Piece of cake.

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