Monday, May 27, 2013

I should be exhausted, but I am not.  Went greenhouse hopping in Laurence KS.  with my Master Gardener friend and new brother-in-law Steve, and his wife Lynette?  We bought some vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  I came home and planted them in my garden beds.  Got the last ones in just as light was fading.  Hands caked in dirt.  Back telling me it is tired, but there is an energy that I get from doing something I am passionate about that overrides the normal day to day fatigue of a 50 year old body.  Today was just very nice.  It started out with intense hard rain.  It ended up with beautiful pink and rust colored clouds.  A few years ago, I could never have predicted this passion for gardening.  Life is funny that way.  It puts new things in front of me, things I would not have imagined myself doing, and all of a sudden, I have a new obsession.  There is something else going on these days.  I find myself in a place where I have so many things I want to do.  So many project ideas.  A lot of them have to do what the garden.  Some with the shed, and a lot of them with the house.  I am aware that this is a precious condition. One in which I have more ideas and dreams than I can possibly manifest within the constraints of time and economics.  But what a wonderful thing to be so infused with notions and imaginings and so much potential for manifesting them.  It is a condition that is truly better than the alternative of having too much time and means, and no idea what so ever about how to use it. Live is good.      

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