Saturday, June 15, 2013

It’s all fear.  Tornados, and hurricanes, floods and fires, explosions and shooters.  It’s all fear: war and turmoil, economic collapse, bird flu, bomb in a shoe.  Cold war and privacy invasions, pensions lost, a freak early frost.  Global warming, killer bees swarming, frogs mal-forming.  It’s all fear: civil unrest, lump in your breast, cholesterol in your chest.  Fumes from cars, botchalism in jars, aliens on mars.  Who wants to kill us today? When will your job go away, what if your child is gay?  What did the Iranian’s say?  It’s all fear in the face of love: In the face of beauty: In the face of miracles and wonder.  Under the painted skies, and the infinite stars, and the twinkle in eyes.  It’s all fear to draw us away, from the light of the day and the sleep of the night - for a headline that sells us the morning’s new fright.  So we won’t dare turn away from the next thing they say, right after this message from the corporations who pay, to sell us the cure to the anxieties that ail us.  Insurance and pills, and defenses, and plans.  It’s all fear to distract us from the moment we are in, which is, mostly, lovely.   

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