Thursday, August 4, 2016

This eve I drove from Grandview Mo, where I am working, to my sister’s apartment up near Zona Rosa, to get Maiah (she spent a couple days with her aunt) and them back home to Independence, where I started this morning (approximately 87 miles).  Along the way a few things crossed my mind.  Like that my mom, RIP, was once mugged at Indian Springs Mall which is not there anymore.  Where did that go?  But mostly I thought about how many miles I (we all) drive around this area-metro we live in.  It amazes me we have cars that take it in stride.  I remember messing with points and condensers and timing lights to keep motors going.  And calculating gas mileage with respect to how much money I had.  And not going places because I wanted to save tire tread.  All that is nostalgia now.  I, frankly, don’t look at the mileage on my truck much.  It’s a kind of passing interest.  “Oh, wow, I am up to 40k.  How did that happen?  Didn’t I just get this truck yesterday?”  We all have our individual vehicles with our individual costs and yet we all seem to be going the same places.  Trains instead of traffic made sense at one point along my route.  So much time driving.  So many miles traversed back and forth and back and forth.  It just kind of amazes me sometimes the lives we lead speeding here and there so fast.  Taken so much for granted.  With such banality. 

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Bobby said...

A couple hundred years ago, we wouldn't travel more than five or ten miles from our village or farm or what have you. We would see a total of twenty or thirty people -our whole life. Nowadays we do as much in five or ten minutes.